American Volume

American Volume
90 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016
U.S.: 786-405-0961
Israel: +972-52-333-5451
Ms. Yafit Mitrani, VP Business Development

american volume

American Volume is a US payment acquiring service provider with a license from VISA/MasterCard. Our company provides attractive payment solutions for E-commerce, Retail and Mobile industries.

American Volume enables US merchants to process all major credit cards and ACH worldwide. Our company helps them save money by reducing the costs of credit cards processing fees and avoiding the need to struggle with big corporate companies. American volume offers no setup, no commitment, no hidden fees and all with the best industry rates.

American volume is very attractive for US-Israeli companies since we are able to support them both in Hebrew and in English and service them locally in Israel or US (We have offices in Tel-Aviv, NY and Miami).