CuttingEdge Jobs

based in the New York area
T: 917 885 1913
Contact: Betsi Rosen

CuttingEdge is an executive boutique search practice in business for seventeen years. We began our business at the onset of the internet boom working with investors and entrepreneurs alike in an effort to help start-up companies grow and evolve.

Our portfolio of candidates are seasoned, well-connected, revenue generating sales professionals at emerging media and technology companies predominantly in New York City. I am proud to say that we have a proven track record of searching, identifying, and evaluating top talent that can propel your company to new heights. While it is easy to identify a large number of sales-drivers, the challenge lies in identifying A-players. That being said, building an award winning and cohesive sales team is first and foremost to ensure your company’s success.

CuttingEdge is here at the ready to provide your company with the following:
– Strategic Client/Candidate Approach
– Streamlining Interview/Hiring Process
– Candidate evaluation process that gauges experience, ambition, knowledge and personality
– Industry Specific Networking to Identify “A” Players
– Solid CuttingEdge Candidate Database of Top Notch Performers
– Superior Client and Customer Service
– Collaborative team and sincere approach to doing business to achieve your goals
– Employee Retention

We have a solid reputation for upholding high ethical standards and realizing corporate goals and objectives. We take the time to understand every aspect of your business’s challenges and needs so we can deliver quality solutions and services.

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