Israel to offer Startup Visa for Foreign Innovators

Israel to offer Startup Visa for Foreign Innovators

Ministry of Economy initiative will allow eligible entrepreneurs, tech workers to develop projects in Tel Aviv for up to five years.

The Israeli Ministry of Economy (which our office is a part of) and the Ministry of the Interior, along with the Office of the Chief Scientist, will soon start allowing entrepreneurs from around the world to come to Tel Aviv for 24 months in order to develop innovative projects. Entrepreneurs who wish to stay in Israel and open a startup company can be granted a special Expert Visa extendable for up to five years. They may then receive reimbursement for their work, and their companies may apply for support from the Office of the Chief Scientist. Israeli startups are already on track for a record-breaking year of funding and acquisitions.

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This new government Startup Visa initiative could make the local startup ecosystem even more prolific and profitable. Partnerships, alliances and cooperation: How it’s done in the Startup Nation. How Israel leads the world in innovation, making the world a better place.

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Tel Aviv, a.k.a. the Startup City, has already signed city-to-city collaborations that allow entrepreneurs to visit each other’s ecosystems and receive a “soft landing” package including desks at co-working spaces, advice on visas, regulations and legal issues around starting up companies, as well as one-on-one mentoring and access to the ecosystem.

The Startup Visa program is anticipated to provide an even better source of innovation for future partnerships.

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